The Gut and Parkinson’s Disease

We’d been reading a lot about our gut health being linked to neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, so we went to visit Dr Ray Chaudhuri, Professor of Movement Disorders and Director Parkinson’s – this was one of our mot surprising episodes yet.

We found out that 1 in 50 of us over 80 will get Parkinson’s, so the importance of this new research hit us from the off set. From what we understood before, the Vagus nerve (the neural connection between the stomach and the brain) could only send signals down the way, butterflies in our stomachs from nerves etc, but now scientists have discovered the signalling also occurs in reverse, so toxins in our guts can travel up to the brain.

More reading on this here

Scientists are only just being able to uncover which microbes/toxins/fibres could be triggering the symptoms and attacking the brain, we found out more about this here.

We talked with Dr Chaudhuri about how these discoveries will help us work out whether we can, in fact, prevent Parkinson’s, but also how it is treated and how we monitor its development and what this means for the future.

We also him whether the new discoveries with links to Gut Health are trickling down in practice and how many years of research are we away from getting definite answers?

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