Goodness thats series 1 nearly over and what an absolute gut-a-licious rollercoaster it has been, we’ve been totally overwhelmed by the response. This started off as a little passion project for us, and now look at it!

We’ve found out so much already, Kale isn’t good for us unless we smother it and cook it in loads of fats and butter , WHO KNEW! Cheese and wine is actually great for our guts *fanfare* *march past* *fireworks* and transferring each others poos to each other can actually save lives (!!). Also that its generally about adding things into your diet rather than restricting it – lots of variety, fermented goods (sourdough is fermented, normal brunch has resumed!) and lovely things that are good to feed our bacteria as well as our tastebuds and tums.

IBS and “dicky stomachs” are such common issues, we all never talk about it, but we blimmin should because its actually more serious than we thought and can be directly linked to so many life or death diseases and conditions. Also what we eat now can actually change our genes that can affect not only us, but our little sprogs and all ur grandchildren – nuts!

Another revelation for us was the links with mental health, from what we understood before, the Vagus nerve (the neural connection between the stomach and the brain) could only send signals down the way, butterflies in our stomachs from nerves etc, but now scientists have discovered the signalling also occurs in reverse, so toxins in our guts can travel up to the brain. So if we have “leaky gut” (more about this on the website) the bad stuff can travel right up to our brain – we all kind of knew that bad diets didn’t make us feel great, but now we have the science to prove it.

So lets knock all the people that try and feed us with fads and try and sell THEIR method that worked for them, by selling a gazzilion books off their high horses and fight em with white coats and actual science. If you know someone thats affected by anything we’ve talked about here, send em over to www.thegutstuff.com and grab a cup of Kefir or Kombucha and watch our series “The Gut stuff” from beginning to end, so everyone is armoured up and ready to go: www.youtube.com/thegutstuff

Series 2 is coming VERY soon (see vid below), where we’ll be exploring practical tips/recipes/advice to take everything we’ve learnt out into our lives. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel to keep right up to date on everything we’re finding out.

The whole word has been talking about this in 2017, but we’re keepin it unbiased and simple – so please tell all yer family/pals and get them to subscribe so we can spread the word.

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