What are microbiome?

Fact 1 – Show me the basics…

The Invisible Universe Of The Human Microbiome

Fact 2 – Are you born bacteria-free?

With all these bacteria living inside, it seems natural that humans would just be born with them. Not so. According to Blaser, people are born without bacteria, and acquire them in the first few years of life. Babies get their first dose of microbes as they’re passing through their mother’s birth canal. (Of course, babies born by caesarean section don’t acquire their microbes this way. In fact, studies show that C-section babies have a markedly different microbiota from vaginal birth babies, and may be at higher risk for certain types of allergies and obesity.)

Fact 3 – Sweat the small stuff

If you use antiperspirant, you have 50 times fewer bacteria in your armpits than people who only wash with soap.

Fact 4 – do our furry friends help our microbes?

You know you share genes with your biological parents and kids, but what about microbes? A new study finds that families share skin, tongue and gut microbes with each other… and their dogs.
(This is Alana’s Dog – no joke!)