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For years, whilst gigging by night, we’ve been supporting science by day. At the British Gut Project/Twin Research, King’s College London, UK, we’ve been so shocked and excited by what we’ve found, we just have to share our new “gut health” obsession with you all. We’re not experts, we’re still learning, so come on the journey with us.

We’re sick of being fed the “if it looks good on Instagram you should eat it” trend. We want real answers for real people and get REAL scientific answers to why we should be putting things in our body. If we can’t be sold the same diets for our bodies and we have the same DNA, then there’s NO single diet that works for everyone. We are ALL individual. So what should we be eating?

Tune in to “The Gut Stuff” to keep up to date with everything in the ‘Gut’ world



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The Gut Stuff Episodes

These are the videos where we interview the top notch “gut pros”: scientists, academics, chefs and foodies from around the world, to get the real scoop and science behind what we eat.

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Delve Deeper

These are the videos where if, like us, you want to delve a bit deeper into the science.

Gut Reactions

These are the videos where we give you practical advice about what we’ve all learnt including recipes, food hauls and other fun stuff.

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Bite Size

Short bitesize facts to chew on…