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Gut Diary Book

This 12 week Gut Diary book is perfect to keep tune into what’s going on with your gut. Includes Gut Started pages, Gut Tips, The Gut Stuff Stool Chart and your Veggie Checklist.



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Gut Diary Book

Want to tune-in to your gut and get to know it a bit better? This 12 week Gut Diary Book gives you the tools to do just that. The diary includes Gut Started pages, Gut Tips, The Gut Stuff Stool Chart and your Veggie Checklist.

Who’s it for?

Whether you’ve gutta problem or not, if you want to know and understand your body (and your gut) a bit better, this is the journal for you!

What is it?

This easy to navigate journal supports you every day, to track your food, hydration, mood, monitor your poop, how you are feeling/symptoms and how much you are moving. This diary really helps you to understand how your body is working and gives you a great tool to spot patterns, good or bad.  We’ve even got a gratitude section for a little reminder of all the things to be grateful for. Our number one thing is our gut and all the things it does for us!

If you do have gut symptoms, you can take your journal to a nutritionist/dietician/GP (we’ll sure they will thank you for it!).

This is NOT a food diary for calorie counting!

How to use it?

Fill in one page per day (make sure you fill in the date) and try to do it for 12 weeks. It doesn’t matter if you miss a couple of days, it’s the bigger picture over the course of that time.


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