Five Gut Healthy Items to Pop in your Shopping Trolley This Weekend

Now we all ain’t got the time to set up a full fermenting station in our kitchens, but here’s some “gut friendly” items you can pop in your basket in this weekends “BIG SHOP”.

1. Chicory

It’s a bit “left field” but chicory is like the Queen of prebiotic foods, it contains prebiotic inulin that feeds all the good bacteria living in our tums.

Try out our Chicory Salad

2. Olive Oil

Gallons of the stuff – Olive oil is very rich polyphenols which are great for your gut and helps to reduce cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

3. Watermelon

Sick of guzzling litres of water? Watermelon is 92% water and your gut needs water to keep waste floating through your system (nice!) – plus it tastes amazing in the summer heat.

4. Sourdough

More evidence is coming out to suggest slow fermented bread is easier to digest, it’s made with lactic acid starter which contains strains of bacteria called lactobacillus (big word) that adds friendly microbes – bring on the warm bread!

5. Green under ripe bananas

Dig for the ones at the back that no one else wants, they contain resistant starch that can make the long journey through the stomach and small intestine undigested, so they make it to the gut to feed the friendly bacteria. Whatta journey!