The Only Valentine That Matters: Your Gut

A gift to you from us, the dead cert BAE that can love you back in abundance, ACTUALLY scientifically make you happy and improve your life 10 FOLD if you give it some luvvin’ – here’s our top tips…

1. Food diary

This is NOT for calorie counting but to monitor what you’re eating and “tuning in” to look for patterns, try taking things out and putting them back in and see what happens. Record poops and symptoms and how you feel – this always great too, if you do have issues, as you can already take you ready made journal to a nutritionist or dietician. We all live such fast paced lifes, we rarely actually ask ourselves and ‘how are you today?’


2. De- Stress

There’s SO MANY studies coming out showing that stress and anxiety can have a direct affect on our microbiome. The links with gut health and mental health really are extraordinary, from what we understood before, the Vagus nerve (the neural connection between the stomach and the brain) could only send signals down the way, butterflies in our stomachs from nerves etc, but now scientists have discovered the signalling also occurs in reverse. Did you know 95% of your serotonin if produced in your gut?


3. Rest it

12 hour fasting really helps to let everything reset in your stomach. Sleep time also counts so you don’t feel like your starving yourself – we try 8pm – 8am.


4. Chew chew and chew again

We need to chew our food 20-30 times so that it’s liquid before we swallow, if its broken down in the mouth its less work for our tums. We’ve started using little mini sand timers to train ourselves up (as we’re naturally hoovers!) – good game for kids too.


5. Variety!

Get in loads of colours and different foods to stimulate those trillions of good gut microbes and get a nice diverse community in there – we create a blackboard of every vegetable we can think of and cross them off during the week.


6. Cut out the processed foods as much as you can

To put it simply they can seriously impact the balance of your gut flora, tipping the balance to too many BAD GUYS.


7. Probiotics and Prebiotics

You need them to cultivate and grow the good guys, you can get them through food (particularly fermented foods), and supplements too (more about the differences on our website).


8. Fibre

As a nation we only consume only half the recommended daily allowance of 18-25g.. There are lots of types fibre but not all are considered equal as far as gut bacteria is concerned, so to make this really simple first focus sources of fibre that have prebiotic inulin in them and are basically fertilisers for our good microbes and stifle the bad ones…Like good little farmers. Jerusalem Artichokes and Chicory are the Kings and Queens of this camp, we’ve got lots of recipes to incorporate them in our “Live that Gut Life” section.


Theres still so much more to uncover and digest (!), there’s new things coming out daily, so come on the journey with us and “gut” in touch and let us know how you look after your tum! Also check us out chatting to all the scientists about this over on “Watch the Science”.