5 Tips for Keeping Your Gut Healthier This Summer

5 Tips for keeping your gut healthier this Summer

Being DJ’s in our 20’s we are always out and about having fun, which is why we need to be EXTRA CAREFUL to keep our gut health in check this Summer, as we are a tad prone to burning the candle at both ends. Here’s our 5 top tips to easily slot into your lifestyle to off set all those festivals and Summer frolics…

1. Chew chew and chew again: We need to chew our food 20-30 times so that its liquid before we swallow, if its broken down in the mouth its less work for our tums. We’ve started using little mini sand timers to train ourselves up – good game for the kids too!

2. Rest it – 12 hour fasting really helps to let everything reset in your stomach. Sleep time also counts so you don’t feel like your starving yourself – we try 8pm – 8am.

3. Variety – Get in loads of colours and different foods to stimulate those trillions of your good gut microbes – we create a blackboard of every vegetable we can think of and cross them off during the week.

4. Keep a food journal – This is NOT for calorie counting, but for “tuning in” and monitoring what your tum reacts badly to – we like to rate our days 1-10 and it helps you see patterns.

5. Cut out the processed foods – To put it simply they can seriously impact the balance of your gut flora, tipping the balance to too many “bad guys”. So get the windows open, let the sun stream in the kitchen and get cooking fresh 🙂 We’ve started a “Come Dine With Me’ challenge with our friends where everyone has to cook everything from scratch. Except the wine, we’ll let you buy that by the bottle 😉