Prebiotics and Probiotics (Video)

We knew before we started our ‘gut journey’ that probiotics were good for our tummies, but then we heard about prebiotics and that both can be found in food and not just supplements.

N.B Spell check keeps changing prebiotics to probiotics…very annoying!

We then got a tad confused (isn’t hard!) so we took the train to the University of Reading to speak with Sandrine Claus, Professor in Integrative Metabolism.

What we learned in a lovely nutshell…

–> Probiotics are live bacteria, but they don’t establish in the gut so they don’t stay there!

–> Prebiotics is the bacterial food, so they feed the good bacteria that are in your gut.

–> The probiotics are just renting, but the prebiotics have bought the house.

–> Both are best to get through food over supplements as you’re exposed to a wider range of probiotics and prebiotics.

–> At this stage in the research we don’t know which ones are best for you’re particular needs so best to ingest the widest range possible

–> Hopefully in the future we will be able to have our guts analysed and have probiotics and prebiotics made specifically for us 🙂