new series: "de-juice"

In our video series “De-Juice” in partnership with VSL#3, a leading poly-biotic food supplement, we learn about the hierarchy of evidence and attempt to break down four scientific papers for you in a couple of digestible minutes!

Covering studies on the benefits of probiotics and fibre to findings in IBS and the gut/brain axis, we’ll tell you what the leading scientists have uncovered… in PLAIN ENGLISH!

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

the gut stuff episodes

For years, whilst gigging as DJ’s by night, we’ve been supporting science by day. At the British Gut Project/Twin Research, King’s College London, UK, we were so shocked and excited by what we found, we just have to share our “gut health” obsession with you all.

We’re not experts but we want real answers for real people and get REAL scientific answers to why we should be putting things in our body. If we can’t be sold the same diets for our bodies and we have the same DNA, then there’s NO single diet that works for everyone. We are ALL individual. So what should we be eating?

episode 01: the gut stuff – an introduction

episode 02: why is the gut so important to our health? (feat. tim spector)

episode 03 : fermenting vs pickling. (feat. nick vadasz)

episode 04 : how does gut health affect our immune system? (feat. prof danny altmann)

episode 05 : cheese is good for our health? (feat. la fromagerie)

episode 06 : can we change our genes through what we eat? (feat. dr helen o’neill)

episode 07 : should we really be drinking smoothies? (feat. rude health)

episode 08 : prebiotics & probiotics. (feat. dr sandrine claus)

episode 09 : bacteria is good for us? (feat. dr trevor lawley)

episode 10 : is parkinson’s disease linked to gut health? (feat ray chaudhuri)

episode 11 : what is big data? (feat. rob finn)

episode 12 : series 1 round up

episode 13 : how do the bugs in our guts shape our immune system? (feat. fiona powrie)

episode 14 : the gut stuff x microbiome conference.

gut reactions

After talking to all the scientists, taking in all the informations on what goes on in the gut and what we need to do to keep our gut in working order,  we decided to try all of our gut information for ourselves. From homemade probiotics to gut friendly workouts, we try it all to share with you!

episode 01: fibre, fiber, fibre – we need more of it!

episode 02: wine, beer, and coffee are actually good for us?

episode 03 : how to make super easy sauerkraut

episode 04: how to make easy peasy kimchi

episode 05: gut reaction | microbiome quiz

episode 06 : making raw milk cheese

episode 07: ‘the gut makeover’ | our review!

episode 08: how to make simple kombucha

episode 09 : what are prebiotics & probiotics? | quiz!

episode 10: making water kefir

episode 11: gut friendly workouts

brand stand

There’s lots of “Gut Health” products on crowded shelves from brands both big and small, and each have a story to tell. Here at The Gut Stuff  we want to unravel and re-tell  them so you’ll know the full scoop and you can decide if it’s the right product for you.

Disclaimer: We don’t profile any products we haven’t tried ourselves.