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gut tips and tricks

Yes we’ve all had a laugh and gut health is serious sh*t but it doesn’t have to be tricky. These tips are so simple and the products in our shop are too!


Don’t worry, this is all about INCLUSION rather than EXCLUSION.

There are some simple tweaks (and additions!) you can make to your diet that your gut microbes will love.

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It isn’t the devil you might expect.

Did you know that sugar is mostly absorbed in your small intestine? So if you’re eating a moderate amount of sugar, it is unlikely to have an effect on the ecosystem of microbes hangin’ out in your large intestine. Huh!

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The true unsung hero of nutrition, it has more benefits than you may realise.

Are you getting your 30g a day? Your gut microbes need a variety of different types of fibre to thrive but luckily nature has packaged lots into plant-based foods. Variety of fruit and veg is key, as different types have different benefits and feed different bacteria!

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What does your fluid intake have to do about your gut health? Quite a bit actually!

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons behind constipation (not always, but often).

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prebiotics & probiotics

What are they? And what’s the difference?

These can be incredibly confusing given their names are pretty similar but pre and probiotics are actually very different things. You need a good mix of both to keep your gut happy.

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Does it affect your gut microbes? And what’s the best kind to do you ask?

Your gut bugs love you moving! Exercise is one of the independent factors that can affect your gut microbes and how well your gut works – for better and for worse.

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tuning in

We all live such fast paced lives so we understand this one can be a tricky to do but understanding and listening to your body is a big part of understanding your gut and often we don’t listen to it until there’s something wrong.

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mental health & stress

Your gut and brain chat to each other like pals and just like us, use different ways of communicating. Stress, anxiety and depression can have a direct effect on your microbiome and how well your gut works and vice versa!

How can you incorporate ways to keep your brain and gut happier?

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Can we?

We’re all in favour of having a glass of our favourite tipple but we do need to be mindful of its effect on our gut health (and general health!).

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