how do you poo?

it says more about you than you think

the smooth criminal

the smashed avo

the poo-doh

the pea shooter

the clingy one

the poonami

the satisfier

You thought this was going to be a website about detoxes, colonics and cleanses didn’t you? We’re still glad you’re here though as it’s time to know your gut stuff, it’s important sh*t.

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Workplace Workshops

We can help you by empowering gut health and wellbeing knowledge in your team.

£14bn working days were lost in 2020 due to stress, anxiety and mental health alone. The lines between work/life balance have never been so blurred, which is why employers are now responsible for ensuring their staff focus on their wellness and are given access to the experts and information to help them do so.
With every workshop booked, we pledge to do the same talk in a school, community or university of your choosing. Free of charge. Double the guts, twice the impact.

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