Create daily gut habits today

We believe good days start in the gut yet so many of us still aren’t looking after it!

We’re here to change that by arming you with practical knowledge, tangible tips and affordable tools to look after YOUR gut health.

It is time to start learning, tracking and tuning in, going back to basics and creating GOOD GUT HABITS.


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Time to gut reading!

Our best-selling book is an empowering guide to your gut and its microbes.

It will arm you with practical knowledge and tangible tips – both lifestyle and dietary – dietary from tons of gut experts so you can make easy and life-changing decisions.

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Want to tune in and get to know your gut a little bit better?

Our six-week Gut Diary gives you all the tools to do just that and also includes Gut Toolkit pages, The Gut Stuff Stool Chart and space for your weekly shopping list.

If you do have gut symptoms or notice any patterns, you can take your diary to a nutritionist, dietician or GP to help you explain what you’re experiencing (we know they’ll thank you for it!).

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fibre up

Looking for a gut-friendly snack?

We’ve gut you covered with our delicious, fibre-packed fruit and nut bars.

Our friendly gut bugs love to munch on fibre yet 9/10 of us aren’t getting enough! So we’re here to bring it back with 1/3 of your daily fix.

They come in four tasty flavours and are gluten-free, vegan and contain no emulsifiers or preservatives – no-nonsense, just like us!

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back to basics

Get those pots and pans at the ready!

Our Gut-Loving Cookbook is packed full of deliciously simple recipes that work with easily accessible ingredients to include the top three most important elements for a healthy digestive system; variety, fibre and ferments.

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don't just take our word for it...